Winners of the Yves LASNE Prize

Since the creation of the fund, the Yves LASNE Prize has been attributed to the following researchers:

2020 : Marc Henry

Marc HENRY is an University Professor since 1993, and his scientific research gave rise to 140 000 publications which were quoted over 10 000 times. His lectures are about chemistry, material science, and quantum physics.

Chemical engineer (1980), doctor of science (1988), qualified to supervise research (1993), Marc HENRY is a researcher trying to understand water in all its aspects: physical, chemical, biological in relation to electromagnetic phenomena, but also a science historian and epistemologist as well as a philosopher trying to understand the emergence of the phenomenon of consciousness in relation to quantum physics. Prof. Marc Henry’s contribution to the DynHom project, coordinated by Dr Michel Van Wassenhoven, to which the FUND actively assists, was decisive in the processing and interpretation of NMR data and helped to raise awareness of the methodology recommended by Rolland Conte for the analysis of time series such as homeopathic dilutions or macroeconomic parameters.

Thanks to the perseverance of Marc Henry and that of the entire team of researchers, the first work on the Theory of High Dilutions and experimental aspects published in 1996 at Polytechnica could be referenced in the two articles published in a scientific committee journal of reading in 2017 and 2020. As such, it is a first step towards the recognition of the work carried out by Rolland Conte and his “spiritual son” Yves Lasne to which the FMRC devotes all its efforts.

2018 : Pierre DORFMAN

Born in 1955, living in Paris, he has a doctorate in Homeopathy. He worked with Rolland CONTE in 1993-1997, as Director of Research at Dolisos, He then conducted a lot of research in High Dilutions, he is currently chairman of the Fund’s Scientific Council.

2016 : John BENNETH

John Benneth is one of the world´s leading researchers and journalists in Fundamental Homeopathic Research. He lives and works in Portland, Oregon. He received a honorary post graduate degree from the London based Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in 2010. His achievements included treating the Ebola virus with homeopathic medication and presently the Zika virus, in cooperation with the U.S. Dept. of Health. He cooperated closely with Rolland Conte during many years.

2013 : Enzo NASTATI

Born in 1948, living in Udine (Italy), he is a specialist in Biodynamic Agriculture.
He especially worked onto homoeopathic preparations for plants treatment, in place of pesticides,
with world-class success recognition.

He is now working on promoting this system, and building low-energetic footprint homes.