Our projects


In May 2017, a  DYNHOM Conference    was held in Brussels, which presented the first work of this association, and whose main conclusions were as follows:

  • The great rigor with which this work was carried out, which will allow us to build on this to build other very in-depth scientific research, leads us to conclude that there is no need to redo measurements before filing the patent.
  • The action of high dilutions on messenger RNA, leading to very strongly modulating gene expression and therefore the production of certain proteins, explaining the microscopic mechanism of HD action. This is a breakthrough in HOW.

We continue to follow this very promising work, led in particular by Dr Michel Van Wassenhoven).

DYNHOM has benefited from donations from the Fund to continue its research.


Water Research Lab

Ce laboratoire de recherche, mené par Alexander TOURNIER, a mené de très intéressantes et très rigoureuses études sur le comportement de l’eau et des hautes dilutions.

Water Research Lab a bénéficié de dons de la part du Fonds.

Homeopathy and Quantum Physics Workshop

 In September 2016, an important workshop took place in Paris, which brought together Dr John BENNETH, Docteur Saurav ARORA. This workshop made it possible to highlight the progress made and the one remaining to characterize the high dilutions.