The purpose of the Madeleine et Rolland CONTE Fundation (FMRC), both in France and abroad, is to support and develop any activity of general interest and / or of a scientific nature, falling within its purpose, alone or in partnership with other public or private organizations of general interest pursuing the same objectives as its own, namely:

  • enhance, promote and encourage scientific and technical research and development of high dilutions;
    contribute to mathematical modeling and the development of diagnostic computer systems in the field of Homeopathy;
  • support the development of homeopathic medication for professionals in the health world (laboratories, prescribers, etc.), as well as for patients and more generally the general public;
    explore the avenues opened up by Homeopathy and advance scientific and medical knowledge in this field and contribute to the establishment of experimental protocols;
  • continue all the work undertaken by Mrs Madeleine and Rolland Conte in the spirit of and respect for ethics, both for the latter and for those of Mr HAHNEMANN.
  • and more generally initiate, define, participate in and support and / or carry out programs, in particular scientific research (fundamental and / or clinical) which contribute to the development of both human and veterinary medicine, as well as the preservation, development of plants and treatments that promote their growth, culture and defense, while respecting environmental concerns.

To achieve its purpose, the Endowment Fund may in particular directly or indirectly, both in France and abroad:

  • carry out all training actions (prescribers) and information (general public) promoting the implementation of diagnostic tools (especially IT) in Homeopathy and / or Analog Medicine;
  • organize any event (colloquiums, seminars, congresses and other meetings) intended to promote the development of Homeopathy or participate in its latest;
  • contribute, by all means and media, to the promotion of publications, works and other information documents relating to its purpose, in addition to participation in any audiovisual event;
  • provide technical and / or financial assistance to any public or private structure pursuing goals similar to its own or extending its purpose;
  • finance all research work carried out by natural or legal persons falling within its scope or closely related to it,
    and, more generally, contribute to any operation that may be directly or indirectly related, both in France and abroad, to Homeopathy and / or Analog Medicine and to facilitate knowledge, extension, development or deepening.