Our Founders


Madeleine was a very intelligent woman. She was responsible for the safety of nuclear power plants in France. She enthusiastically took part in Rolland’s work. Her great generosity and open-mindedness won over all those who had the chance to meet her.

Rolland Conte was a brilliant mind and a man of transmission, a mentor, a friend, who wished to bequeath his discovery, so that research on High Dilution continues.

Research carried out by Rolland Conte (deceased in 2014) and his team shows that the analysis of the spectrum of beta radiation emitted by electrons between zero and a maximum of 100 keV clearly underlines the pathological state of human subjects studied and their state of health. Therefore, the simple analysis of these spectra in sick patients, compared to those from healthy patients, produces a computerized spectrum of products homeopathic drugs necessary to correct the effects of their respective diseases.

Rolland Conte left his legacy in a foundation, the FMRC Fonds de Madeleine et Rolland Conte endowment, to promote results of his team’s fundamental physical research and their application concrete.