Hello and welcome to the Madeleine et Rolland Conte Fund (FMRC) website!

The purpose of the FUND is to support and develop any activity of general interest of a scientific nature with the objectives of promoting scientific and technical research and development relating to Homeopathy (Analog medicine according to HAHNEMANN), modeling mathematics and the development of computerized diagnostic systems in this same field, the development of homeopathic medication for professionals in the health world (laboratories, prescribers, etc.), as well as for patients and the general public, the exploration of avenues opened up by Homeopathy, the advancement of scientific and medical knowledge in this field, and more generally the support of scientific research programs contributing to the development of both human and veterinary medicine, but also the development of plants and treatments promoting their growth, culture and defense, while respecting environnement.

We hope you enjoy reading it.

Mag. Hans Georg ANDRAS, President of the Fund.