Yves LASNE Prize

Private Academy of Sciences

The Yves LASNE Prize

Inspired by Yves Lasne work – 1950-2002 – in memoriam

Promotion of research on the applications of high dilutions in the interest of the human being and his diet.

Yves Lasne was an academic physician from Lyon who graduated various diplomas and took part in numerous studies. He’s a former junior doctor at the Civil Hospices of the City of Lyon at the Edouard Herriot hospital, where he brought to light many correlations between RMN measurments in vitro and in-vivo and living beings healing abilities. •He wrote a book summarizing his discoveries in 1993 :”Homeopathy: treatment of/by information”. •He was an important contributor to the making of the books “Theory of high dilutions”, “experimentals aspects”, then “application to living beings”, jointly with Rolland Conte and Henri Berliocchi.

The FMRC created this “Yves LASNE” biennial prize of 4 000 Euros to be assigned to a researcher on a theme of biophysics applicated to the high dilutions.